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RENEW Veterinary Consulting

RE-writing the industry culture through NEW hospital standards


"Helping veterinary hospitals prioritize the needs of staff, encouraging positive change, healthy relationships and exceptional patient care through staff empowerment."

Meet Dr. Podlecki
What better way to help improve your practice than to work with an experienced veterinarian who's spent years in the trenches? As a practicing and managing veterinarian for over 13 years, I combine my real life accomplishments, skills and sometimes failures with knowledge of what it takes to improve the happiness & quality of life of your staff. Whether you're a one doctor practice looking to improve, or a multi-specialty & emergency hospital with numerous moving parts - I can help identify problem areas and work with you to execute sensible changes. I focus on staff perception of their work culture, help identify problems and come up with solutions that are easy to put into action. As an outsider looking in, I can help identify these issues while simultaneously devising plans for improvement.


Hospital, Group, Individual Consulting


I offer services for hospitals as a whole, a group of individuals at a hospital, or one-on-one consulting. We work together and I help you identify, plan and implement practice & real life solutions for any sized practice. Please check out my Services & Plans Pages for descriptions, options and cost! 

Reiki & Complementary Services


What is Reiki? How can you incorporate complementary services like Reiki, energy work, acupuncture, etc to help yourself, staff, clients and patients in both the hospital and non-hospital setting? Let's discuss how these can be of benefit


What are some things you can incorporate into your hospital to help with staff wellness - both in and outside of work. Let me help you navigate the daunting world of "self care" and "wellness"

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