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"Helping veterinary hospitals prioritize the needs of staff, encouraging positive change, healthy relationships and exceptional patient care through staff empowerment."


  • Objective observation & evaluation of current hospital practices

  • Objective, non-biased presence for staff to discuss concerns in an open environment

  • Over 14 years' experience in different Emergency/Specialty clinics across the country

  • Over 14 years of professional contacts across the country, expanding reference base.

  • Experience as ER Department head

  • Experience with hospital expansion and relocation

  • Experience as a GP and relief doctor, expanding access to numerous clinics & protocols

  • Objective observation of current wellness practices

  • Reiki Master training and work

  • Personal wellness growth from working through own hardships

  • Pursuing passion of building teams from the inside out


A disturbing trend that I have noticed in the veterinary industry is hospitals, administrators and companies not putting the needs of their staff first. It feels as if we are stuck in the notion of "the customer is always right".  In the day and age of cyber bullying, facility reviews and bad press are a real thing. However, putting the needs of your clients above your staff and patient care only leads to animosity. This will in turn result in declining positive client interactions, increased turnover, increased burnout, increased judgement of both administration and clients by disgruntled employees, not to mention declined patient care. We need to make changes in our industry and we need to do it now. Burnout and emotional fatigue is rampant. Treating your staff as worthy and irreplaceable will in turn empower staff to provide amazing patient care and become involved in the well being of the hospital, all while improving client interactions. The sooner we do this, the sooner our industry will make that turn towards positive change. It has to start one hospital at a time. Why not set a positive example for others - learn how you can help your staff and your hospital today. Be the trend others want to follow.

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