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New Moon

About Dr. Podlecki

Professional Areas of Expertise
  •  Sustainable staff scheduling

  • Emergency protocols & workflow

  • Creating & exhibiting a positive yet effective management style 

  • Layout and/or equipment needs of multi-sized hospitals, contributing to better flow & communication

  • Building positive relationships with staff & specialists

  • General Practice scheduling, boundaries & work flow

  • Staff empowerment opportunities

  • Staff incentives 

My Story


I wish I had a more exciting start to my story except to say - I always wanted to be a veterinarian. Really. That's it. It was a calling for as long as I could remember.

I attended the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities on a full academic scholarship, graduating with a BS in Animal Science in 2005. Immediately after I started veterinary school at The Ohio State University, graduating with my DVM in 2009. Following graduation, I completed a one-year internship in San Leandro, California rotating through all specialties and being a primary clinician on Emergency. Starting in Seattle after my internship, I worked in Emergency Medicine for 10 years across the country. I was also the head of Emergency at a clinic outside of Chicago prior to making the move to Savannah in 2019.  After leaving the world of contracted jobs, I started to work relief only in 2020, working both emergency and GP.

Along my journey I have been an intern, emergency clinician, emergency manager, general practitioner and relief doctor. I was also one of the project managers for a new hospital space in Chicago, helping to plan the layout and equipment needs of a move from a ~3,000sq ft space to ~10,000sq ft space. I have worked with specialists, managers, technicians, assistants and receptionists from every walk of life with every skill set and background you can imagine. My clientele has ranged from those able to afford a ventilator, to those unable to afford an exam.


While being a manager, I was repeatedly challenged by upper administration as to what the needs of myself and the staff were on the floor. There was a constant disconnect between what those of us working on the floor were experiencing and felt we needed, and what upper management told us we needed. I was routinely fighting for the staff all while battling the constant feeling of worthlessness and being replaceable myself. Because of my experience and similar experiences of friends and colleagues, it has led me to follow my passion of helping the veterinary industry put the interests of their staff above those of clients and financial gain. Only by taking care of your staff will you empower them to provide the best patient care possible all while contributing to the whole health of an individual.

Wellness Areas of Expertise
  • Creating, setting, and sticking to personal & professional boundaries

  • The art of saying "No"

  • Being resiliant & why it matters

  • Creating a safe space at home

  • Creating a safe space at work

  • Meditation practices 

  • Reiki, energy work, other complimentary modalities

  • Balancing physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health

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